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At Shisha Drop we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the luxury taste of a freshly made Shisha in the comfort of your own home, delivered by the Shisha professionals. We are adamant to provide the Royal Treatment to all of our guests, we take pride in delivering every single order with the Shisha Drop’s values.

Shisha is our passion. We don’t just love making it, we love the satisfaction that our customers feel after experiencing it. Our love for shisha was established long ago. There have been many times where we have sat in lounges and relaxed the night away with some great friends.

We cherish the memories we have from these lounges. We’ve just never enjoyed every experience with the Shisha and atmosphere. We were sick of throwing on our scarves, our jackets, our hats and braving the cold or the heat for a few good puffs.

Why must we go to all that trouble for something so enjoyable?

Meet Ahmad and Sam, the founders of Shisha Drop. The two brothers had these exact thoughts when they thought of the online ordering and delivery service of shisha. After years of training and observing how shisha is made around the world, they figured they would do something different.

Now, this “something different” meant that the brothers would transform shisha from a skill into a passion, making a complete difference in the outcome. When you’re having a good time with friends or family, you shouldn’t have to interrupt the party to travel for shisha. With our services, you and the party won’t need to leave the warmth of your home sweet home.

With a variety of premium flavours, you will be nothing short of satisfied. We deliver to any door, be it your front steps, your company door, or the entrance to your party venue.

Now, you can too smoke a shisha, all while indoors. One puff and you’ll see why we’re preferred.

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Fresh Heads

Fresh fruits ready to go on your fruit head shisha, Choose from a Pineapple, Apple or Orange

Ceramic Head

We only use finest flavours, manufactured with highest quality and used fresh to satisfy your expectations.

Signature Mix

Try our amazing signature mixes that we have perfected over time.


If you require a gas burner or extra accessories you can hire them with your shisha.